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IAEA Latin American Working Group on Internal Dosimetry of Radionuclides in Human Body

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Rojo, A.M.; Puerta Yepes, N.; Dantas, B., Reis, A.; Teran, M.; Cruz Suarez, R.


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The internal exposure due to manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine Centres (NMC) represents a potential risk of intake by workers, mainly in the routine handling of 131I volatile solutions for thyroid diseases therapy. According to the criteria recommended by IAEA, ISO and ICRP, internal monitoring should be carried out whenever the potential internal exposure leads to a value of annual committed effective dose above 1 mSv. In the framework of the IAEA Latin American Project RLA 9/075, it was identified that the surveillance of workers exposed to 131I in NMC is a subject of common interest and that is advisable to perform routine “in situ” thyroid measurements. Being the main objective the strengthening technical capabilities and harmonizing procedures towards the implementation of “in situ” routine monitoring programmes in NMC, a Latin American working group on internal dosimetry (DILA, acronym in Spanish) was constituted. The impact of the trainings provided by means of the IAEA Projects on Occupational Radiation Protection implemented over more than 10 years in Latin America enables the group to count on specialized human resources on internal dosimetry. The core group of internal dosimetry experts is leading this initiative by contacting the potential regional members to propose an action plan to them. The main future activities will

include the development of a harmonized “in situ” monitoring program using the detection

systems available in each NMC. The proposal contemplates the set up a data base, including contacts from Radiation Protection Societies, Medical Physicist and Biology and Nuclear Medicine Societies, as well as the organization of training courses and internal dosimetry intercomparison exercises. All the information would be shared in REPROLAM web site. The WG DILA has invited experts from 13 regional countries to join the working group with the compromise of carrying out the action plan for strengthening radiation protection of NMC workers.14th International Congress on the International Radiation Protection Association. Cape Town, Sudáfrica, 9 al 13 de mayo de 2016