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Argentine Plan for Strengthening Occupational Radiation Protection Infrastructure Framed in the RLA 9075 IAEA Project

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ARN (Argentina)


Puerta Yepes, N.; Rojo, A.M.; Discacciatti, A; Di Giorgio, M.; Castro, L.; López, F.; Canoba, A.


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In this work, Argentine national plan is presented, aimed to strengthen occupational

radiation protection infrastructure for end-users of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s controlled installations, framed in the RLA 9075 IAEA project. The RLA 9075 project was created with the objective of strengthening in Latin America an adequate infrastructure for end-users that allows promoting compliance of requirements and regulations for radiation protection of workers and patients, as well as the implementation of national education and training strategies. The preceding project RLA9066-TSA 2, advanced on these issues exclusively for the occupational area, highlighting the need to enhance adequate implementation of radiation protection programs. It detected that in most of Latin American countries, technical support services do not meet the demand in terms of coverage of monitored individuals and required quality of analytical techniques. A revision of Argentine’s current external and internal individual monitoring situation and the activities associated with NORM and radon is presented. Four interest areas were identified: external dosimetry, internal dosimetry, safety culture, radon and NORM. Coordinators of these areas were appointed. Within each of the areas, activities related to the objectives and challenges of the RLA 9075 project were defined, which should be developed over the period 2014-2017. Finally, it is presented the action plan for ensuring that end-users adequately comply with regulations and radiological protection requirements established in the International Safety Standards, its progress and prospects that should be held at local and regional levels. 14th International Congress on the International Radiation Protection Association. Cape Town, Sudáfrica, 9 al 13 de mayo de 2016