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Argentinean Experience in Spent Fuel Transfer Verification

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ARN (Argentina)


Díaz, G.D.; Pardo, L.A.; Vigile, S.; Villamayor, R


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The Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) regulates and controls the nuclear activity in the areas of nuclear and radiological safety, physical protection and nuclear safeguards. At national level the application of nuclear safeguards consists of a set of procedures that aims to ensure that nuclear activities are not developed for unauthorized purposes and, at international level, to reach full compliance with international nonproliferation commitments undertaken by the Argentine Republic. The inventory of nuclear material as irradiated spent fuel is considered strategic material and is

one of the most complexes to be verified due to its high radiation level and difficult access

situation. This paper analyses the different domestic spent fuel transfers scenarios between facilities, including transfers from research reactors to storage facilities, transfers between storages, and dry storage transfer campaigns in power reactors. The safeguards requirements and radiation protection issues are discussed. The implemented improvements in the methodology of safeguards over the years are described. One of the most remarkable improvements is the concept of safeguards by design (SBD). SBD

concept optimizes safeguards intrusiveness in the facility introducing safeguards requirements during the design stage. SBD has helped to reduce the radiological risk of personnel involved in the verification activities of irradiated nuclear materials. INMM 57th Annual Meeting. Atlanta, EE. UU., 24 al 28 de julio de 2016