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Seguimiento de un caso de irradiación humana accidental

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  • radiation accidents
  • radiation doses
  • cesium 137
  • delayed radiation effects
  • local radiation effects
  • man







ARN (Argentina)


Gimenez J.C., Nowotny G. (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Buenos Aires (AR))


Between 3 and 4 May 1968 a worker met with an irradiation accident involving strongly inhomogeneous exposure (of the order of 50 rad to 1.7 Mrad) when he carried in his trouser pocket a strong 137Cs source forming part of an industrial gammagraphy device. A previous paper (paper SM-119/35 in IAEA publication STI/PUB/229) gave an estimate of the doses received in the affected areas, described the appearance of radiation-induced somatic effects during the first year and discussed the possible development of the case on the basis of distribution of the radiation dose received. A summary is here given of the most important aspects of the development of the case, taking as reference material the periodic medical examinations carried out in the last ten years. The results of the examinations and analyses performed are discussed, and pictures showing the evolution of the external lesions are presented. A prognosis of future developments in the case is given on the basis of the available data. Publicado como: CNEA-NT 20/78. CNEA, Buenos Aires, 1978 // Symposium on the late biological effects of ionizing radiation; Vienna, Austria; 13 - 17 Mar 1978