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Exemption and clearence progress in the Argentine regulatory system

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ARN (Argentina)


Bossio, M.C


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Generic Exemption Levels and Generic Clearance Levels were adopted by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN), which recommended the Radioactive Waste Department of such institution the development of regulatory implementation guides, which are currently available in the ARN´s website. The progress made in Argentina related to exemption and clearance of practices or materials containing radionuclides is addressed in this paper. In this context, examples of some clearance and exemptions requests are presented. As consequence of the implementation of the exemption and clearance generic levels, the ARN expects to optimize the regulatory registration system and the radioactive waste management system, taking into account that there is no need to control radioactive materials that produce trivial doses to the public and to the environment. As a result, the ARN will develop a graded approach when allocating its resources, stressing out those activities that present a significant radiation risk, fulfilling with the IAEA´s international recommendations. X Congreso Regional Latinoamericano IRPA de Protección y Seguridad Radiológica. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12 al 15 abril de 2015